Should you be selected as a Moderator for RuneGroup below are the rules and procedures you're expected to follow.


The 5 Commandments

  1. Must be a member of the 'Moderators of RuneGroup' Group at all times.
  2. Must be friends on Facebook with Chris Murray (
  3. Must never delete a post/comment without posting the evidence in the Mod Group.
  4. Must never remove/ban/reject a member without posting the evidence in the Mod Group.
  5. Do not pin/unpin posts in the Group without permission from the Administrator.

What's Expected

Each group has its own unique set of rules and it's your responsibility to know the rules of the group(s) you moderate, abide by and enforce those rules whenever necessary, so take your time and learn the rules which can be found in the group's description. The rules for the RuneScape Group can be found here and should be studied and fully understood. Link to RuneScape Group Rules.

Moderators are normal members of the group with the added ability to remove rule breaking content, invoke kicks, bans or mutes against members who have breached our rules.

Moderator duties should be conducted with respect and dignity, when a member is breaking a rule you should if necessary delete the content and move on, if the offender continues to post disruptive content you should assert your authority in a polite and controlled manner, requesting they refrain from what they’re doing, if necessary referring them to the rules of the group found at “” if you’re still met with further issues from the user you should mute them for an amount of time you deem necessary record all actions taken and move on.

Within the Moderators of RuneGroup Group, you're expected to post evidence of all moderator actions taken with screen-captures attached that show the exact content that warranted the action taken.

If you see a post/comment breaking the rules and you are not able to screen-capture evidence, you should not take any action and alert another admin/moderator to the post if possible.

No evidence, no action.

Moderators should be respectful to each other at all times and shouldn't be afraid to question another Moderators actions. But only within the Moderators of RuneGroup. If you think someone wrongly deleted a post/comment or wrongly kicked, banned or muted a member you should comment your reasoning on their evidence post so we can discuss it as a team.

Moderator Etiquette:

Moderators should not use derogatory terms, insults or racial slurs, context will be taken into account, but if a Moderator is found and deemed to use any of the above in an abusive manner they will face disciplinary actions or have their Moderator privileges revoked.

Moderators shouldn’t be found to be arguing excessively with members and using their moderator privileges in response.

No information in the Moderators of RuneGroup should be discussed or leaked outside of the Group, the Moderators of RuneGroup is a private group for us to discuss moderation of the groups and is to be kept private and confidential at all times.

Muting, Kicking & Banning Members:

Muting a member is for when a member is breaking rules and isn’t cooperating with your requests. You should only use mutes when you've asked a user to refrain from breaking the rules, or if they've excessively harassed or abused someone.

Kicking a member is reserved for when a member is consistently breaking rules, you should still not kick unless it's repeated offences within a short timeframe. Kicks are a final warning and shouldn’t be issued lightly. Muting should be used instead of kicks. 

Banning a member is reserved for extreme misuse such as RWT'ing, Private Servers promotion or affiliation, Macro software use, affiliation or advertising, spam sunglasses advertisements etc. Banning is a last resort and should only be issued for the reasons stated above or if the user has had multiple warning and already received a kick from the group.

Members complaints or Questions:

Refer all complaints and questions using the standard phrase: "Any complaints or enquires should be directed to"

Taking Action And
providing Evidence

The following actions must not be taken unless evidence is provided:

  • Declining/Blocking a request to join
  • Deleting a post
  • Deleting a comment
  • Muting a member
  • Kicking a member
  • Banning a member

Evidence required before performing any of the actions listed above must be a clear screen-capture of the rule they have broken and the evidence must be posted in the 'Moderators of RuneGroup'

When posting the evidence you must use the format listed below:

  • Attach the picture(s)
  • Writing the last name
  • Write action taken
 example image right
format shown below

[Offenders Last Name] - [Action Taken]
Image(s) Attached]


Screen-captures must be directly uploaded to facebook, links to third-party websites such as imgur, Flickr, etc. are not accepted.

If you're interested in becoming a Moderator for RuneGroup please complete an application.