RuneScape Group

Our RuneScape Group is one of the largest RuneScape Communities in the world with over 38,000 members. Founded in 2011 it became popular place on Facebook to share your adventures or ask questions about the game, whether you're Old School or enjoy the more modern RuneScape you're always welcome to discuss the game we all love & enjoy in our RuneScape Group.

Join our Friends Chat in-game: 'RuneGroup'

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Gaming Group

With the success of our RuneScape Group, we have launched a new group called 'Gaming' in which you can share stories of games you love from any platform be that PC, PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo, etc.

Join, invite your friends & start talking about your favourite games, meet new people to play with or discover new games you didn't know existed, find or share the latest tips & tricks to give you that edge
or help others in your favourite games.


Interested in Moderating? Visit our Moderators Rules & Procedures page to learn what we expect from our Moderators, if you're still interested you can fill out the application form.



RuneGroup has it's own Discord server.

The security benefits of using Discord are, encrypted server to client communication which keeps your IP address hidden.

DDoS protection with automatic server failover to always keep the server online.

Discord is available directly in your browser, no downloads required, or optionally you can download the desktop programs for Windows & Mac as well as Apps for both Android & iOS